You Gave Your Life for Me

Dear Lord,


Today my heart is lifted up to You in gratitude for the precious gift of salvation. The cross of Calvary reminds us of the pain, shame, and suffering you had to endure to carry out a plan of redemption. Only a pure, noble and perfect love, could leave the splendour of heaven, to give His life for a sinner like me. Only You, Lord, you lift me up and sustain me every day. Help me to be faithful to You in everything, help me to remember the valuable gift of Your love.  Your grace and forgiveness bring me hope, there is nothing as great as Your unconditional love.


“Real love isn’t our love for God, but his love for us. God sent his Son to be the sacrifice by which our sins are forgiven.” 1 John 4:10


by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson