Women’s Ministries

Caroline Chola, Director


The Women's Ministries Department of SID remains to empower, uphold, encourage, challenge, equip, and nurture women as they do their part in sharing God’s love and grace within the church and to the community; prepared for Jesus’ return.

Celebrating 25th Anniversary for Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

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International Women's Day of Prayer​

So you have been chosen to be a leader? Here is a resource to help you plan

Women’s Ministries

2014 International Day of Prayer, He Lifts Up My Head

Applications harvested from facts about the sunflower will refresh your prayer life when you dig into the 2014 International Day packet written by Guadalupe Savariz de Alvarado, Women’s Ministries Director of the Southern Union Mission of Euro-Asia Division. Examine how the sunflower’s relationship with the sun is like your relationship with the Son of God. Learn how growing sunflowers is like cultivating your prayer life.  Click here

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Ennedy Muchula
Women’s Ministries Secretary
T: 012 345 7038