Women’s Ministries

The Women's Ministries Department of SID remains to empower, uphold, encourage, challenge, equip, and nurture women as they do their part in sharing God’s love and grace within the church and to the community; prepared for Jesus’ return.

Caroline Chola, Director


Celebrating Anniversary for Women's Ministries

2020 Women's Ministries

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Enditnow Emphasis Day
Adventist Women’s Ministries
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So you have been chosen to be a leader? Here is a resource to help you plan

March 7, 2020 - International Women's Day of Prayer​

“Virtuous Living in an Un-virtuous World” sermon resource packet is written by Melody Mason, author of Daring to Ask for More: Divine Keys to Answered Prayer.


And the soon-to-be released Daring to Live by Every Word: Divine Keys to Abundant Living.