Personal Ministries

Pr. Passmore Mulambo, Director

Personal Ministries Department of the Southern Africa Indian-Ocean Division was established to proclaim the everlasting gospel to all people in the context of the Three Angels’ Messages. Its primary focus is evangelism. Its goal is to help prepare men and women for the kingdom of glory. Both department works closely with other church departments to assist in their evangelistic efforts

3AM: Morning is Here

Hope Channel has completed taping the Three Angels’ Messages delivered by young people in 30 languages. They are adding every day one new message to the links bellow. We are excited to have your support and assistance to promoting the Three Angels’ Message project, 3AM: Morning is Coming.


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Promo Video 1

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New Reporting Forms for PM and VOP

Download all the new forms here

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Resources PM

Download presentations prepared by the Personal Ministries Department to assist you in your ministry

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Hope and Healing Bible Studies

Download resources for this Bible Study here

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