Adventist Mission

The Office of Adventist Mission assists the church in keeping focused on its Core Mission of making Disciples of all People Groups through:

  1. Initiating congregations of believers among new geographic areas and people groups also termed as Unreached or Least Reached People Groups, and
  2. Reporting and Informing church entities and members of mission progress and opportunities among unreached people groups while inspiring the channelling of all spiritual gifts, tithes and offerings to the realization of the Church’s Mission.

We achieve this through our efforts in:

Men and Women dedicate their lives to initiate a congregation of believers in a new geographic area or unreached people groups in a period of 3 to 5 years and thus expand the presence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout the world. (

These Centres provide resources and training for anyone who wishes to share the love of Jesus to people from the world religions. (

Community Felt Needs Projects that gives an opportunity for the church to follow Christ’s Method in sharing hope and leading people of specific people groups to Jesus (

Read, watch, share through different media platforms and download inspiring stories of how Seventh-day Adventists partner with God in making disciples around the world. Understand how your Mission Offerings have contributed for the realization of the Church’s Mission around the globe. (Watch Mission Stories)

Every 13th Sabbath, the world church contributes through their Mission Offerings Collected during Sabbath School to assist in the Mission Challenges of a Given Division. Prepare Significant Offering for the coming 13 Sabbath Offering which will benefit a Division. Click here to see where the 13th Sabbath Projects will happen.


  • SID will receive the 13th Sabbath Offering in the Second Quarter of 2022.


Healthy Living Life Hope Centre in Sao Tome Island

Multipurpose Auditorium at Adventist College in Sao Tome Island

Reference Church Building in Principe Island

Milange Adventist Educational Centre in Mozambique

HIV/AIDS Rehabilitation Centre in Nampula Mozambique

Food and Nutrition Block at the Mozambique Adventist University

Bibles for children from less fortunate families