2020 WM Emphasis Day Resource Packet


It is time again for us to share the Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day resource packet for June 13, 2020. This year we are focusing on love, God’s love. Not only for you and me but also God’s love working in and through our lives. The packet was written by Heather-Dawn Small, director of GC Women’s Ministries, whose word for the year is Relationships.


The resource packet is entitled “Christ’s Amazing Love Moves Me.” You may choose to use an appropriate children’s story. Included in the packet is the afternoon seminar script, “The Art of Friendship,” written by Lou Kinzer Blanchfield, and two handouts, “God’s Model of Friendship” and “Jesus Our Example,” which also has a short PowerPoint presentation included. All PowerPoint presentations contain the seminar script in the notes section.

We will soon upload the French and Portuguese resources.



  • Please feel free to translate and edit this packet according to the needs of your division territories, including the best Bible version for your use.


  • You are free to adapt the packet according to the needs of your cultural audience.


  • You are free to replace the images according to the needs of your ethnic groups. Just be sure you replace with copyright-free images.

1-SERMON-PACKET-Christ’s Amazing Love Moves Me (DOCX)
2-SERMON-PPT-Christ’s Amazing Love Moves Me (PPTX)
3-SEMINAR-PPT-The Art of Friendship (PPTX)
4-WORKSHOP-PPT-Jesus Our Example (PPTX)
5-SERMON-PACKET Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

This material is for WM Leader Only

Dear Leader, kindly download the 2020 WM Emphasis Day Resource Packet for your use in your local church. Kindly get your password from your Union/Conference Director.