When I Think... I Remember

Dear Lord,


When I think of Ruth, I remember that You always have a better plan for me.


When I think of David, I remember that I can face the giants, because You go with me.


When I think of Sarah, I remember that at any age you can answer a prayer.


When I think of Job, I remember that I can lose everything, but if You are with me, I recover what I had and gain even more.


When I think of Esther, I remember that I can raise my banner to help others.


When I think of Joseph, I remember that even though I may be alone, yet, I am still part of a special plan.


When I think of Mary Magdalene, I remember that I am a sinner, but as I draw near to You, I can have Your forgiveness.


Thank you, Lord, because Your Word reminds me that you can change the course in my life and yet you still have a special plan for me.

by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson