The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Lord,


I would like to learn to forgive others, just as you forgave those who hurt you when you were on this earth. To leave behind all resentment of the past, without having the desire to return there, understanding that we all see, experience, and react to life in different ways. I know that forgiving is not easy, but that once it is achieved, it brings physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I want to feel peace in my heart. Help me to dispel any grudge hidden within me, any doubt or feeling of offense or contempt. Help me to submit my soul to You, to be able to turn to people who can in a constructive and positive way add to my life. With Your help and Your power, I know I can forgive as You did. “He who forgives an offense seeks love”. Proverbs 17:9

By Ligyi V. Johnson