The Mighty Camel

My Dear Child,


Today I want to tell you about an animal with high resistant capabilities… the camel. Its resistance is due to its humps, which accumulate a large amount of fat that allows it to go for a long period of time without feeding. Camels adapt well in desert areas. They have a majestic presence, with their long and thin necks, long and double row eyelashes; which are meant to keep the sand out of their eyes. They can regulate their own body temperature. They can close their nostrils at will, which helps keep the sand out. Camels can go up to 15 days without water. Can you believe it? But when they find water, they are able to drink up to 20 litres in a single minute.


The camel is mentioned several times in the Word of God, for example, in the story of Rebecca, David, Job, the Queen of Sheba, and many more stories. From them we can learn to have a docile character and be useful in different ways in the lives of others.

With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi V. Johnson