The Melodious Harp

My Dear Child,


Today we will talk about the harp, a stringed musical instrument. The strings are spun vertically, and when played skilfully using both hands, it produces almost an angelic melodious sound. The musician who plays it is called a harpist. In the Bible the musician Jubal is mentioned as the father of all who play a harp. King David was a great harp player, he was called upon to play to calm the spirit of King Saul. The harp was used to express praise and today it remains an instrument used to lift our soul to God in joy and gratitude. Try to imitate the way you play a harp and raise your voice in praise to God for all He has done for you. “Give thanks to the Lord with the lyre; Sing praises to Him with the harp”. Psalm 33:2


With much love,

by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson