The Greatest Family Reunion

My Dear Friend,


I’m young like you. Life has and is still teaching me a variety of lessons ever so gradual they may be. No matter how much older I become I have to accept there are certain things I may find no answers for, and yet there is that particular something I have often ponder about. Have you ever taken time, sat down all by yourself and begin to create a vivid imagine of what heaven will be like? I have read in the Bible that in heaven there is room for all, but there is no room for moth or rust, let alone thieves. You will no longer have to live in fear with bolted doors, steel gates and security systems. Have you imagined streets of gold? It´s hard to fathom this since I’ve never seen one in my life! On this dreary earth it will be under heavy guard. A sea of glass? Impossible to compare. It just simply blows my mind to think there will be no need of the sun, God’s presence will be so bright and glorious that it will outshine the noonday sun. We will no longer feel pain, no more death, no fear, there will be no more tears, no illness. No disappointments of unfulfilled expectations. Not the pain of betrayal, suffering emotional trauma believing a lie, pain or emptiness being lonely, pain of a broken promise, a broken heart, a broken home, the pain of separation. None of this will ever again be thought of, let alone be a topic of conversation. What a glorious privilege will be ours sitting next to Jesus on His throne.


You know, friend, I’ve heard many songs about heaven, but now with quickened steps I can feel it close, much closer that I can’t even imagine wanting to waste a moment getting ready and helping others get ready, telling the world that very soon all we see and know about this world will end. The end of this old sinful, tired world will be but just the start of a brand new beginning.  You and I, and all who are ready to meet our Lord and Saviour will be transformed. Some glorious morning we will receive new perfect bodies in exchange for these old weak sinful bodies. We will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. More than just a glorious body, our characters will at last be eternally sanctified. We will no longer be just an earthly family, we will be part of the great heavenly family with God. In that bright land, there to meet with loved ones and friends never to part again. Together, forever… no more differences between us, no jealousy, no hatred, no selfishness, no envy… love will reign eternally.


O my dear friend, just thinking about this creates a deeper and greater longing and desire to be with Jesus.  What a day, what a glorious day that will be. Will you meet me there? Oh yes, I want to go to that beautiful land where all is peace and I would love for both of us to pray and prepare to be by Jesus’ side, soon, very soon that will be.

by Ligyi Johnson