The Echo, A Voice That Goes and Comes

My Dear Child,


Do you know what an echo is? Try shout for a brief moment. Well, the echo occurs because the sound waves we make bounce off some surface and then return to their point of origin. It is similar to when we throw a stone that bounces against a surface. The echo is a reflection of sound. Sailors make use of an echo to know how close they are to an iceberg. Some animals, such as dolphins, use their echo to swim in the dark in the depth of the ocean, and bats use it to communicate. There are places where echoes can be heard more clearly, especially among the mountains.


We must share in the love of Jesus and in the same way we will receive His love. “For the whole earth its echo resounds, his words reach to the ends of the world! “. Psalm 19:4


With much love,

by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson