The Big Sunflower

My Dear Child,


There is a well-known flower you may have heard of, it is the sunflower. It bears this name because as it grows it rotates following the path of the sun until it reaches a certain age and stops rotating. Normally it reaches one to two meters in height, and some have reached up to 6 to 9 meters. They are really big plants! Like its yellow colour, there is also variety in its shape, some sunflowers have large flowers, others small. Some shave a single row of petals, other multiple rows of petals. The sunflower appears in several colours, such as orange, rust, cream or dark red. People use this plant to make oil, paper, biofuel, dye or as a medicinal plant. Together we can admire God’s creation, how good He is in creating such beautiful and interesting flowers for our delight. “Flowers sprout in the field, the time for songs has come.” Song of Solomon 2:12


With much love,

by Ligyi Venegas Johnson