The Battery of Obedience

My Dear Child:


Have you ever wondered how some of your toys have sounds and the ability to move around by itself? Some are designed with a wide variety of movements, lights, sounds and colours. You may have received some of these toys as gifts. How about the doll that sings, laughs, cries, call her mom, and can even ask for a milk bottle? Have you seen the puppy barking and jumping like if it wants to play with you? How about the car than spins, moving forward or backward as if it had its own racing driver? Some of you may have access to a phone or a Tablet, how do you feel when it suddenly turns off, and the screen goes black, and all because the battery has ran down!


Do you know that all these toys have an energy source on the inside that makes them move quickly and efficiently? This power source is called battery. It plays a very important role, and without these batteries you cannot enjoy your toys or use the Tablet.


When the battery is in a good condition, it has a fascinating effect on an object, but if the battery has no more power your toys will definitely not work, no matter how many times you try to turn it on and even at times you give it a knock.


Today I want to talk to you about a very special battery. It’s called the battery of obedience. Do you know how it works? Well, from time you were a baby, you were taking the first steps in learning how to obey. Sometimes you may not like the adjustments that Dad, Mom or grandparents have to make to teach you how to obey; but this is to help you to function well. If the battery of obedience is in the right place, your actions will be perfect. You will make Mom and Dad very happy and put a smile on their face. Even the people around you will be glad to see all the nice and amazing things you’re capable of doing. They will respond positively, sometimes you will be even rewarded but especially you will be happy to have done things right. You’ll just work great!


But there is something else you must keep in mind, just as the battery has two poles, that is, two sides, one positive and one negative, and in a same way there are two little voices that sometimes interfere in your mind. Sometimes one will say, yes you must obey and the other will tell you no.


Both little voices will always be hanging around your thoughts so you must choose. And if at any time, your battery run down; we, siblings, cousins, uncles or grandparents, will be close to help you charge it. Discipline at home is very important, like a fully charged battery. Obey God first and His commandments, obey your parents, and all the adults who love you.


Remember, the way you respond, how quickly you follow an instruction, the attitude you take to get things done, the respect you show others, and your love of doing the right things, say a lot about the kind of battery you have inside. Today, I want to ask you, do you think you have the best battery? The battery of obedience will make you always a happy child.


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson​