So Near, And Yet So Far!

My Dear Neighbour and Friend


The physical distance between our homes is very short, yet the distance between hearts seem to be so great. I don’t know anything about you. It’s been many days living in this neighbourhood and I still don’t really know who you are despite the deep desire to get to know more about you. We live so close that if I could tear down a few walls that separate, my home can become your home and this home would provide shelter for us both. However, fear, my own expectation, perhaps cultural differences, conformism or maybe a sheer lack of real interest on my side has not allowed us to come close. It certainly was not the lack of time, which I could easily blame, but the will is the only thing I now need to change.


Today is not the first time I thought about you. I have often wanted to share a recipe, a book, or at least exchange a brief greeting; but further than this desire I have not ventured. I have found myself at this same place again and again, just to begin to know who you are, a little at first, chat about this and that. It could be about your dreams, your longings, yes even some of the fears have and somehow know and grow some more as time allows. Days have turned to weeks and I have not managed to get to know the person who lives so close to me.


Today, I would like to pray not only for you, but also for me. Pray that God will give me a chance to know you, that you can open your heart to me and find a space for me in your life to tell you about the great God I know who lives in my heart. I may not have the right words, I don’t even know how I would start, but I know that God will do His work and I will then know how to get there. I have much to share, much to tell you, perhaps a little of myself, but mostly of a Saviour who has redeemed me.


I know it takes time to build a meaningful relationship, but I need you to listen as I tell you about Jesus. I don’t even need to take a taxi or a bus, I just need to get up, open the door, go out and meet you for a moment and I am sure our conversation would never find an end. Let me share with you a great truth I’ve known and soon you will also be able to say “I’ve found a Pearl of great value.”


I thank you for giving me a space in your life, and I hope that together we can see how wonderful God’s love is.

by Ligyi Jonhson​