Small But Very Important

My Dear Child,


There are many small things that form part of our body. For example, the little toe, which, despite being small, helps us stay upright, as it is connected to the ankles and other bones that help us keep our balance. Now look into the mirror, and take a look at your eyelashes. They are small, but did you know that each hair of your eyelash is different from the other? At least one falls out every day. Your eyelashes protect the eyes from sweat, dust and from the sun. Now look at the nails of your hands and feet, small, but they protect the tips of the fingers, they are incredibly strong, even more so those of the feet. Even the smallest parts of our body are very important and necessary. In the same way, even though you are small in size, you are very important. Even adults must also learn to be like children, just like you… innocent, humble and happy.


“Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

By Ligyi V. Johnson