Like One of Them

Dear Lord,


On this special day, I am grateful for the creative processes and stages of development involved in the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings, yes even the developmental experiences preceding birth. There is that very special and priceless picture that immerge during childhood, when innocence in all its splendour bless us with a beautiful smile on our faces and our hearts.


They are all so cute, cuddly and adorable. A child is a child, but they are different in many ways by size and skin tone, each having different abilities and skills. Some with teeth, some without. Some are very bubbly, others are shy, and yet in some extraordinary way they grab our attention.


Help me appreciate these very special little creatures that run around me, to be patient with them and through their eyes, be able to recognize when one of them might need me and even more, need You.


Help me to be spontaneous and simple, because I know that “if I do not change, and become like them, I will not enter the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 18:3

By Ligyi Johnson