Everything Weigh Lighter On Your Knees

My Dear Child,


Do you know how much you weigh? I am not sure if you have noticed, but I’ve noticed that how fast you’ve grown and I am sure you should be weighing much more by now. Let me try to lift you up… Wow! I almost didn’t make it! Just look at the muscles in your arms, you certainly must be stronger too.


I’d like to ask you something, do you have any idea where most of your body weight rests when you’re standing? Do you have your answer ready? Do you think it’s on the feet, maybe your calves, how about your toe nails? Well, all your weight rests mainly on your knees.


Knees are the largest joint your body has. With it you are able to sit, stand, jump, walk, run and do much of your daily activities. It’s wonderful the many things the knee is capable of when bending or stretching.


But there is a special activity that the knees perform… they allow you to kneel down and pray. When God created our bodies, He had a special plan for that part of your body and you place a smiles on the face of Jesus every time you make good use of your knees. When you pray, you bow before God on your knees and pray from your heart and mind. Do you know that there is something very special that happens at that very moment? It is almost like you are transported to heaven and there you can talk with your best friend Jesus. When you pray, you can tell Jesus everything, yes even your secrets. You can thank Him for all you have, tell Him about the things that upset you or make you happy. Oh! You can ask God to help you change and become more like Him. Something very important also is that you can pray for other children who don’t have the same comforts or loving care as you do. More than 2000 years ago Jesus carried the heavy weight of a cross, but more than the weight of the cross was the weight of our sin. The Bible tells us Jesus is our burden bearer, and we can ask Him to carry the weight of our sins to change us into happy and loving children.


The next time you engage in running, crouching, and jumping, remember your knees have a very special purpose besides any physical activity, knees have a mission to take you to God in prayer. He promised He will carry all your weight. When your heart feels heavy, use your knees, and talk with Jesus.


Remember, “Come, let us bend our knees before the Lord our Maker.”  Psalm 95:6.


With Love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson