Big and Strong as the Tree

My Dear Child,


Have you ever heard about the Baobab tree? Also known as upside-down tree or camel tree. It is capable of storing up to 1,000 liters of water to use in times of drought. That is why it is often called a camel tree. It is found in semi-arid areas of Australia, Madagascar and Africa. The great thickness of its trunks, can exceed 11 meters and even reach more than 40 meters. The trunks grow in the form of a pillar, and without branches to the top. It is one of the most impressive trees on our planet.  God wants you to grow big, healthy, and strong like the tree.


“It will be like a tree…, bearing fruit in its time and its leaf not falling, and everything it does will prosper. ” Psalm 1:1


With much love,

by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson