ACMS Treasury Module – French

What do we need to get our local church implemented?

1. Church must be fully implemented its membership records in ACMS [So they can be found and linked to their returning of Tithe and giving of Offerings in the system]. This means your Church Clerk must be Active on the system.
2. Members email address must be updated in ACMS by Church Clerk [So they can receive receipts via email].
3. A list of all their bank accounts [The system is based on cashbook so all bank accounts need to be in the system].
4. A list of all departments used in the church [These will be used to track income from offerings and expenses incurred by each department].
5. Opening balances [Reconciled balances for each bank and the department will give us an accurate reflection of the finances].

Click Here to Download a Sample Excel Sheet for the information we need to for item 4 and 5.

We are Ready what next?


When does your church want to start using the System? (When do you want to start posting/receipting?) [Quando é que sua igreja deseja começar a usar o Sistema? (Quando você deseja começar a postar / receber?)]
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please attach the Excel File with all Bank and Departmental Bank Balances that you downloaded in the link above. [Anexe o arquivo Excel com todos os saldos bancários e departamentais que você baixou no link acima.]