A Sabbath in God 's Presence

During Pandemic, 2020
To every mother, wife and young woman

Dear Sister,


Another Sabbath at Home!


It is Friday, preparations like any other Friday has started. No visitors are expected, something we try to adjust to and be conscious of. The world in which we live, the world we are very much part of, may have forced us to isolate ourselves physically, but not in heart.


Prayer keep our souls connected with heaven and likewise with each other. Our prayers remain constant, our desires greatly remain the same… we want to be fine and we want our loved ones to be fine too.


One more Sabbath has come… or rather, one nearer to the great day for our wonderful encounter with Jesus.


As we prepare our hearts, let us too prepare our clothing, though we may even remain indoors, this too is a true reflection of reverence, respect and love for our Creator. It is His Holy Day, the most special and best day of the week. It belongs to Him, we are invited to celebrate this Day with Him. In the end, we buy our clothes to please Him, rather than others! While we may be at home, the presence of God is with us as it is in church.


Let your light shine inside your home, this can illuminate the lives of others. Wake up with a smile, give a hug, say a “happy Sabbath”, and hearts will also be lifted up in worship to God. Christian music you choose has the power to transport you and your family on an exciting journey to the beautiful heavenly kingdom where we all soon want to be.


God’s Word is full of stories and promises of love… read and enjoyed by our little ones, commented on by our young men and women and explained by the older ones, it will truly bring peace and joy to hearts all around. The batteries are recharged, the spirit is ready to face any battle. Songs of joy and hope eclipse any thoughts of uncertainty and fear.


The presence of God has come down, you can be the first to invoke it. God’s spirit reigns at home, and once again, we are all able to worship Him in the spirit of love, unity and truth.

by Ligyi Jonhson​