A Reflection of His Light

My Dear Child,


You know? There are several important things we use constantly at home, even though we use it on a regular basis, sometimes you may not even take notice of it. But if they were not there, you will certainly notice immediately. Let us try to mention a few of them? How about your bed, or the chairs, your clothes, even the bathroom, hot water, and there is just so much more. There is one thing in particular when it is not there, will be missed very much. It’s the light. When we are not able to generate light, we find ourselves limited in our movement or in performing a myriad of tasks.


Light was created not only to warm, through the sun for example, but also to help us see in the dark. Did you know the moon does not generate its own light? At night when it is dark the moon reflects the light from the sun. In the same way when it becomes dark at night the first thing we need to be able to do any task is little light. No matter how small the light it helps us to be able to see what is around us. We feel so helpless and lost without that light, none of our tasks we will be done properly and some other activities cannot be carried out at all.


God created light, just as He created you. And just as light is so important in this world, so are you. You can be the light that shines in the dark. That light, which others need in order to make changes in their lives, a light that shines so bright, that when others look at it, they can marvel at the light inside you. Jesus puts that light inside you, and you must then project it to others. In what way? You can sing when someone is sad, you can tell Bible stories to your friends, you can say nice or positive things like Bible verses to the people around you. You can talk about Jesus wherever you are.


But for you to always shine, you must go to the source of every light that is Jesus Christ. He’ll put in you that light to glow and the warmth to share with others in need.


So ask God to help you be a light in the midst of any darkness, bring joy to the people around you. Be the light others need.


Don’t forget what God say in the Bible, “You are the light of the world…” Matthew 5:14


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson