A Prayer before Dawn

Dear Lord,


Today, I come before you with a dejected heart. I know that You wake me up every morning, You cause the sun to bring warmth to my body, You give me breath, You allow my heart to keep beating. O Lord, there is so much to be thankful for. Despite everything you give me, some days my strength fails within me.


I know in times past I’ve entrusted myself fully to Your care, but, again my spirit seems to faint within me and my faith is faltering.


At this time, I have lost physical contact with other members of the family, with friends, neighbours, church brothers and sisters, with much of what surrounds me. Household income is being fiercely affected, I am no longer sure if there is work or not, if tomorrow we will have food on our tables. Lord, how do I deal with all our prior obligations, meeting all other monthly expenses? I think about others less fortunate, how will I help and provide for their needs. Anxiety has increased at home. Sometimes I want to cry, I long to have the assurance and certainty that everything will be fine, but my soul is distressed and my mind is in turmoil.


Please Lord, today I ask you to give me Your peace, my family need my support, to feel my physical and spiritual strength. Give me the emotional health and strength I need to face the challenges that come every day. Help me to firmly believe that You are the same yesterday, today and forever. That I have a loving, compassionate and merciful God, that His goodness surpasses all human understanding. Don’t let the circumstances of life cause me to crumble.


Today, I want to be strong in You. I want to be able to smile instead of crying, I want to sing and praise You instead of complaining, I want to talk about Your love and even more, I want to encourage those who need a word of hope. I implore You Lord, give me Your wisdom and power, I want to trust in You and feel Your loving embrace. Today, I leave all my burdens, the doubts, fears and anxieties at Your feet.


Thank you Lord for Your love and kindness.

by Ligyi Jonhson​