A Perfect Colourful Bow

My Dear Child,


Let me talk to you about one of the most magnificent and spectacular appearance in nature. Because of its size and its shape, it’s kind of difficult not have many questions. I have no doubt that at some point you must have wondered if ever you can touch it. As you look at it, you may have thought what makes it so attractive to your eyes with its awesome colours? Where does it have its start and where does it end, and why does the rainbow appear in the sky? Is there a reason, what does it mean?


The rainbow is one of the great wonders of nature that God has created. It is one more way of expressing His love. A very special sign from God to us. Do you know something? The rainbow occurs when sunlight passes through small droplets of water, they are drops that we cannot even see with our eyes, but they are there, and as a result of that natural phenomenon, we manage to see a beautiful landscape of brilliant colours. You’ve probably seen some people taking pictures of the arch in the sky.


Its perfect arched shape and beautiful colours just stirs up a desire in you to want to touch it. There are very rare occasions, but sometimes it’s like you can almost see the beginning and the end of the arc. It’s just fantastic, don’t you think so?


The rainbow is a promise from God, it is a reminder that the earth would not be destroyed with water again. God loves us and He sends us this sign of His protection. He wants us to take care of nature and not only marvel at what we can see with our eyes, but also to enjoy and be grateful for the blessings of nature.


So the next time you look at the rainbow again, try to mention its colours and remember that God is sending a sign as a reminder of His love.


You can read and remember this promise in the Bible “My bow I have placed in the clouds, which will be by sign of the covenant between me and the earth”. Genesis 9:13.


With love, Dad/Mom

By Ligyi Johnson