A Gesture That Opens Many Doors

My Dear Friend,


Today I want to talk to you about an expression that makes it possible to open many doors in life. It requires very little effort, there is no expense attached to it but it is of great value. It’s called “Smile.”


Smiling is an expression of sociability, appreciation, optimism and joy in the Lord.


Smiling has positive effects on the Body. It Increases oxygen flow to the blood, heart rate is regulated, more than 400 muscles are moved by stretching and relaxing them, pain relief, increased creativity, memory and intelligence, a sense of happiness, decreased stress, improved relationships with others and increases your beauty as a woman.


Have you ever heard of its Side effects? No! None has ever been reported. I have heard it is very contagious with great positive effects.


I encourage you to give them out freely and in huge doses, not only for today, but for the weeks and years ahead. Now, remember 1 Thessalonians 5:16 “Always be cheerful”.

By Ligyi Johnson