A Box

My Dear Child,


Have you ever noticed how most of the items we buy are packed in a box? These boxes come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colours.


Each box is suited for one very special purpose, and that is to protect what is contained inside the box. You may wonder, what does it really need protection from? Well, it may be from dust, water, sun, but essentially, it protects it from being physically damaged. In this way the condition and proper functioning of the product can be guaranteed and the person who purchased it is very happy.


Being at home these days is like being inside a box. I know a box may not have much space to move around. We can’t go away from the house, we can’t go to church, visit your friends or even go to school. But there is a very important and special reason to stay inside the box. The box protects us from many things that can harm us, especially during these days. It protects us from any blow we could suffer, such as illness, violence, wind, cold or rain.


Soon we’ll be able to open our box again. We will be happy to open the doors of our box to see and hug others who also for many long days were inside their own box.


But for now, enjoy the things inside your box. You can open the door or the windows to this box and breathe in the fresh air, you can admire the sun as it rises every day to keep us warm. There is also the very interesting shape of the clouds. You can close your eyes for a moment and hear the different sounds all around you, like the songs of the birds, the distant sound of moving cars. All this and more will remind you how blessed we are even though we are not able to move easily from one place to another. Importantly, you can read stories about Jesus, watch videos on nature of many more things God created. You may be able to jump up and down a little, laugh and sing. Maybe you can write some special notes to people you appreciate and miss. At the end of it all, being inside our “Box” can be a wonderful experience.


For each day enjoy the family God gave you, it is one of the most beautiful gifts you can have in life. Enjoy being happy and content, enjoy the protection that the “box” brings to your life.


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson​