Two Valuable Families

My Dear Child,


I’d like you to show me your hands, did you know you have a big family of fascinating sensors on your hands? This great family, it’s divided into two groups, your two hands.


 Your hands, despite being separated by a certain distance, help and complement each other continuously. When one is not present to help the other, things get a little complicated.


With your hands you can do many things: grab objects and move them, you can take your food to your mouth, you can take your toys and play, you can open your story book and read through its pages, you can bathe and dress easily, you can make figures with clay, you can help Mom and Dad at home, you can even tickle others. Without the skill of your hands, it’s hard to work. The fingers of each hand have a unique fingerprint, which makes you different from others, among millions of people in this world.


Your hands are one of the greatest treasures for the body, that’s why it’s important to take care of them. You must keep them clean, try not to bring to the mouth the microbes and bacteria that we often have in them, you must also keep them away from danger, so that they can continue to do great things.


God created you different, unique and special and with hands capable of doing amazing things and just as the hands complement each other, so are families, both blood families and families in Christ. Each family is unique and special, and despite being separated by a certain distance, we support and help each other. When families come together, they are able to accomplish wonderful things, they are able to work together for the same purpose.


So, ask God today to help you take care of your hands and use them for the better, they are worth a lot. Ask Him also to help you know how to support other families who need you with your hands. So tell me how can you use your hands to do good for others?


And remember, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” Ecclesiastes 9:10.


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson​