True Happiness

Dear Lord,


Every day in this life, I would like to be happy. Sometimes, seeking that happiness, I have taken the wrong path, perhaps I have been distracted by superficial and temporary things, and I have taken routes that have led me away from enjoying physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Help me, Lord, to draw closer to You, the source of all wisdom and strength, having the assurance that this will bring satisfaction and fulfillment into my life. I would like to always be able to lift up my voice in songs of gratitude and praise, smile in the midst of difficulties, and have positive thoughts at all times. I want to enjoy the true joy of living in You, because that is where true happiness is found.


“Hallelujah! Happy is the man who honors the Lord and takes pleasure in his commands.” Psalm 112:1

By Ligyi Venegas-Johnson