Training of Young Preachers in Mauritius

Evangelism training seminar conducted for 289 young preachers in Mauritius in May 2012 by SID Evangelism Liaison for the Indian Ocean Union, Pastor Hensley Moorooven.

From May 24-27, 2012, the island of Mauritius was privileged to be visited by the SID Evangelism Liaison for the Indian Ocean Union, Pastor Hensley Moorooven.

He conducted a training seminar for 289 young preachers in Mauritius. This seminar was held in preparation for the Voice of Youth€ campaigns scheduled for July-August 2012. The participants who were trained in the art of sermon preparation and delivery will present the biblical truths in 30 simultaneous evangelistic campaigns sites that will blanket the whole island.

The Mauritius Conference Administrators and Youth Leaders are thrilled to see their young people on fire for the Lord and willing the share the Word of God through preaching.

We were encouraged to see the enthusiasm of our young people faithfully attending these four workshops,€ says the Conference Youth Director. €œSince this training was held, young people, who never dared to speak in public, before,  now feel inspired to preach during prayer meetings€ adds the Associate Youth Director for the Conference. This seminar has been so beneficial to us that we are planning a second one for next year.  At that time we will make sure that all Lay Preachers and Church Elders are also invited.

We believe in our youth and indeed with God, great things will take place as they make themselves willing to be used in His service

Pastor Jean Claude Alger

President – Mauritius Conference

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