Tithe and Offering in kind

South Zambia Conference still enjoys good response in tithe and offering from its farmers. On 25th July 2017 the Niel family in Choma, hosted the conference president, Pastor Maxwell Muvwimi and the Stewardship director, Pastor Johan Siachibila, who helped the family to count their cows and set aside what belongs to the Lord, as they always do each year. 13 cows were counted as tithe and 13 as an offering, bringing the total to 26.

Pastor Siachibila disclosed that apart from this family many others are doing the same from different places in the conference. Just last year (2016) alone, 247 cows were given to the Lord for the advancement of His cause. Furthermore, the conference has distributed 42,000 empty bags for the collection of maize and groundnuts in various districts. May honour and glory be rendered to the Lord who is the ultimate giver of whatever we possess.

by Webster Silungwe


  • | 1 year ago

    May honor and glory to God for the family who are faithful to Him as far as stewardship concern.

  • | 1 year ago


  • | 1 year ago

    May Good Lord be praised all the time.

  • | 4 months ago

    We thank God for the great work he is doing in the life’s of his children

  • | 3 months ago

    Im deeply encouraged by their generocity from now hence forth I shall render to the Lord wat belongs to him.

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