The Sheep and the Shepherd

My Dear Child,


Be amazed at some interesting things about sheep. The sheep has white, soft wool, it just inspires tenderness. Sheep live in herds and feeds on cereals and grass. They have a very good memory, so they can distinguish and remember about 50 different people. They prefer not to drink flowing water, for example, water from rivers. Sheep are social creatures; they create very close bonds with other sheep. They feel fear when approached by a stranger or when they are separated from their herd. The pupils of sheep are in a rectangle shape.  You probably didn’t know that! right? It allows them to observe their entire environment well and thus take care of predators.


The sheep is mentioned about 300 times in the Bible and it is there, where we also learn that we are the sheep and Jesus is our Shepherd. “As a shepherd he takes care of his sheep, he will carry them in his arms and gently guide them.” Isaiah 40:11


With love, Mom/Dad

Ligyi V. Johnson