The Only Word I Can Always Trust

Dear Lord,


I write these words to you, because today I have opened my Bible and found many messages of faith and hope. I want to thank You not only for everything you do in my life every day, but for every promise you have written. I have read them carefully and I am comforted by each of Your promises.


Today, I will claim each promise for myself. I know you look at me in a very personal and unique way. I know you are working in me and for me, as if I was the only person that exists in this world. So today, I hold on to your promises, and I ask you to help me do everything that is required of me to fulfill my part as Your faithful daughter.


I firmly believe in what you have said in Your Word, in what you have promised; because in the past, You have kept me and extended your hand to me when I needed it.


Thank you Lord for every promise sent from heaven. It is evident that each promise carries a message of your personal dedication and love. I believe You, I hold on to You and I give myself entirely to You.

By Ligyi Johnson