The Most Valued Gift

My Dear Child,


Have you ever imagined how the world would be like without family? I don’t think it is a pleasant experience, just the thought of having no mother, no father, no brothers or sisters causes me to feel sad. When we saw you the day you were born, you were tiny and tender, a little bundle of joy. From the time you were still inside your mother’s womb we already loved you. It is so deep and wide, so great that not even the ocean that is so vast can compare to that love. Someday you will come to know what that kind of love is like.


In fact you have already come to know what it is like. With each passing day you are growing and learning about family in our nest of love. It is here we have seen your first smile, here you gave your first steps and I remember how we all got excited, here you said your first words, this is where you started tasting your first foods. Here you have made your first attempts at everything: jump, run, read, sing and even scream. It is in this nest of love you have learned to talk to your best friend, your Heavenly Father, yes, it is here where you have learned to pray.


Do you know that the foundation of our nation, our city, our neighbourhood, our church community, is the family? Family is the foundation of your life’s experience. Every time someone makes a mistake, we lovingly learn to correct the mistake to avoid pain later. Here you are free to tell us whatever is on your heart and mind, the things that you like, the things you don’t like, your hurts. You can cry without fear of others looking at you or judging you… you can simply laugh until you cry with laughter. It is here at home you can express what your fears are. We’ll always give you the love and support you need.


The family circle is the most wonderful gift that God has given us in life, that’s why we love each other, we hug each other, forgive others and accept one another as we are. I know we are different in many things, like our physical features, in the shape of the body, some have different eye colour, in our personality, and in many other things.


The home can be a small heaven on earth, so we must care for it with great love and affection. Value your family, love them, protect them and you can be sure that God smiles with love when He knows that families help each other and they are united, and as a result they become happy families. One day soon, by God’s grace, this family will be part of the family in heaven, we will be one big family.


Always remember, “Behold, children are a heritage and gift from the Lord, The fruit of the womb a reward”. Psalm 127:3.


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson