The Leaves on the Tree

My Dear Child,

Did you know trees are the biggest plants on the planet? Some are called evergreen trees, meaning they don’t lose their leaves, and others are called deciduous trees, meaning they lose their leaves at a certain time of the year, and that usually happens during autumn. I’d like to ask you a question: Do you know why trees lose their leaves? Have you noticed how the leaves change from green to yellow and orange before falling? Their appearance changes in a big way.

Trees are very important in our lives. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Some trees bear fruit, some beautiful flowers. Trees give shade and fill the spaces all around us with beauty, and various shades of green.

Something interesting happens with the trees especially during warmer seasons. The leaves goes through a process of change, this is called Photosynthesis, this is how they get the green colour you see in them; but during the autumn or the cold winter, without rain, these trees do not receive the same amount of sunlight as it does during summer, so they do not manage to have enough nutrients and the production of chlorophyll stops, so, they cannot make what we could call a “green colorant”. They become yellow and later, they fall to the ground. That doesn’t mean something bad has happened with the tree, on the contrary! You know they do this to protect themselves, also to survive to the season without rain that will come. Although the tree loses all its leaves it is full of life, soon it will continue to give shade, flowers and fruits. It just needs some time to be ready for a change of season.

You know what? Something very interesting also happens with your teeth as you grow up. The first thin, sharp little teeth appears, they are called milk teeth and later on you lose those teeth. This doesn’t mean something bad has happened to you, it means your body is changing, almost like the tree, you are moving into a new season. This is wonderful because you are growing little by little. You will be very happy as you notice how your wonderful body automatically produce new teeth, new bigger, stronger teeth. In a similar way like the new leaves on the tree provide oxygen, beauty and shade, with your new teeth you will be able to do many things, like shred and chew while eating, they are a good help even when you talk, and you know something else? They light up your face with a warm and beautiful white smile. You look great with your teeth, whether you have all or just a few of them. Your smile makes you different, it makes you special. Those around you will appreciate those little gaps between your teeth, and they know you are growing strong, happily and naturally.

A change of season, a change of “look”, a change of mind-set. God has been wise and wonderful in creating you this way. Keep smiling, the tree still looks beautiful even when the leaves begin to fall.


Remember, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1


With Love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Jonhson​