The Air I Breath

My Dear Child,


Stop and take a moment, let’s do some slow and deep breathing. Inhale the air around you, don’t take it all, leave a little for me too. Did you know that you breathe about 20,000 times during the day? I would like to tell you that there are living things that work as an air conditioner and also disinfect the air, those are the trees, which cool the air temperature and clean it from pollution.


Air is indispensable to life. No living being could live without it.


Just as you need the air to breathe in order to live, you need Jesus at all times in your life. Keep taking a deep breath and be happy knowing you can depend on God.


Remember… “All the while I am able to breathe, the Spirit of God is in my nostrils”. Job 27:3.


With love, Dad/Mom.

By Ligyi Johnson