Strong like a Wild Ox

My Dear Child,


Today I want to tell you about an amazing animal, the wild ox. There are two types: African and Asian. It can grow up to more than three meters in length and can weigh more than a thousand kilograms. It’s truly big, strong and heavy animal! Its skin colour is between black and brown. They have very long horns, curved backwards. They are very sociable with each other and they also protect each other. They usually live in groups called herds. The youngest and strongest care for and protect the elderly and sick of the herd. A herd can have up to a thousand members. That’s amazing!


When you feel weak or discouraged, you can ask God to give you strength and He will certainly give it to you, because He has promised to. “You make me as strong as a wild ox”. Psalm 92:10


With Love, Mom/Dad

By Ligyi V. Johnson