Shine like the Sun

My Dear Child,


Today I want to tell you about a great source of light and heat, an almost perfect sphere, the sun. This big star is the largest object in our solar system, it is very powerful and many planets revolve around it. Its light travels so fast that in one second it has already travelled for more than 300,000 kilometers. That’s a great distance! It is during the daytime when the light and warmth from the sun is best experienced. Even though at night you no longer see it, the sun continues to shine on the other side of the world, always giving its light and warmth. We can all enjoy the benefits of the sun. Sunlight makes it possible for us to see with greater clarity the clouds, the trees, and everything around us. Isn’t that wonderful? Likewise, you can always shine, even when you are silent, with your actions you continue to shine.


“The sun rises and sets, and rushes all the way around to rise again.” Ecclesiastes 1:5


With much love,

by Ligyi V. Johnson