Pure as Gold

My Dear Child,


On the earth there are great varieties of metals, but there is one very attractive, it is gold. Its name means “bright sunrise” or “brightness of the sun”, for its bright golden yellow colour. Due to its strength, beauty, rarity and the fact that it is very easy to work with, it has been used in various ways, for example, to make valuable coins, in the electronics industry and many more. Much of the gold extracted lies buried deep within the earth. Men dig very deep and large holes which are called mines. The gold is embedded in rocks and then extracted and melted in various forms. Gold is a very valuable and very expensive precious metal.  God wants us to be pure and valuable in our behaviors, just like gold, to shine wherever we are.  “But God knows me. He is testing me and will see that I am as pure as gold.” Job 23:10


With love, Dad/Mom

By Ligyi V. Johnson