Newly Elected Officers and Directors of Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division

Newly Elected Officers and Directors of Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division

July 12, 2015. Following the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, delegates of the Southern Africa Indian-Ocean Division convened in the SID Council to elect Associates and Directors to serve for the following quinquenium (2015-2020) in the Southern Africa Indian-Ocean Division of the General Conference.

Officers of the SID is prayerfully elected by the General Conference Session but other elected leaders (Directors and Union Mission Officers) are elected by the Division Council which meets immediately after the GC Session.

The Officers of the SID (as elected by the GC Session) are:

Dr Paul Ratsara

Executive Secretary:
Dr Solomon Maphosa

Chief Financial Officer:
Elder Goodwell Nthani

Further, we praise God for the spirit-led decisions of the SID Council which met on the 12th of July 2015 in San Antonio and prayerfully elected the following Leaders:

Dr Paminus Machamire

Dr Hopeson Bonya

Field Secretary/Sabbath School Director:
Ps Gideon Reyneke

Associate Secretary:
Ps Justino Paulo

Associate Secretary:
Ps Laurent Brabant

Associate Financial Officer:
Elder Goodson Shumba

Associate Financial Officer:
Elder Michael Muchula

Associate Financial Officer:
Elder Russell Raelly

Children/Women’s Ministries Director:
Mrs Caroline Chola

Ministerial Association Director:
Pastor Passmore Mulambo

Health Ministries Director:
Dr Bangwato Sikwa

Associate Health Ministries Director:
Mrs Rhoda Nthani

Publishing Ministries Director:
Ps Super Moesi

Education Director:
Dr Ellah Kamwendo

Associate Education Director:
Dr Coster Munyengwe

Stewardship Director:
Ps Aniel Barbe

Youth Ministries/Chaplaincy Director:
Ps Busi Khumalo

Personal Ministries/Sabbath School:
Pastor Michael Ngwaru

Sabbath School Director:
Ps Gideon Reyneke

Family Ministries Director:
Dr Kagelo Rakwena

Associate Family Ministries Director:
Dr Boitumelo Rakwena

Communication Director:
Dr Paul Charles

Elected Officers of Union Missions

Mozambique Union Mission

Pastor Alfredo Chilundo

Executive Secretary:
Deferred to the SID Executive Committee

Chief Financial Officer:
Elder Bapi Rana

São Tomé Principe

Deferred to SID Executive Committee

Executive Secretary/Chief Financial Officer:
Deferred to SID Executive Committee

North Eastern Angola Union Mission

Dr Passmore Hachalinga

Executive Secretary:
Pastor Texeira Vinte

Chief Financial Officer:
Deferred to SID Executive Committee.

South Western Angola Union Mission

Pastor Manuel Pacheco

Executive Secretary:
Pastor Jose Lemos

Chief Financial Officer:
Elder George B Siamuzoko

We pray God’s blessing and heavenly wisdom on the newly elected leaders of the Southern Africa Indian-Ocean Division as they lead the Church in accordance with God’s will.

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  • | 3 years ago

    we praise the people elected for the division office and the unions. It would appear pastor Papu has not been elected would that be a good observation? May God prosper His work in the division and i hope we will all carefully observe the dictates of the scriptures in view of the times we are living.

  • | 3 years ago

    God’s people are doing His work wonderfully.
    The Luanda experience is Pentecostal experience.
    To God be the glory!

  • | 3 years ago


  • | 3 years ago


  • | 3 years ago

    May the Lord continue to bless the SID leadership to foster God’s work till the end.

  • | 3 years ago

    May God bless his servants.

  • | 3 years ago

    We praise God indeed for His sustaining hand throughout the process. How I pray that God gives them wisdom to lead according His will..!

  • | 3 years ago

    For Glory of God please give Sao Tome and Principe other leadership.

  • | 3 years ago

    “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when cerebrating victory when nice things occur. Take the front line when there is anticipated danger; then people will appreciate your leadership” Mandela once said. Never to ignore the ultimate shepherd in post-modern and dot com world

  • | 3 years ago


  • | 2 years ago

    May God bless our leaders.Amen

  • | 10 months ago


    could you please update your website regularly, we are a movement but it seems there is no movement on information, how come we still have Dr Maphosa as Exec Sec on the website?

    When we visit this site we expect to see current/up to date information.

    Now that we are in the season for inductions there is information we need is Ps Khumalo still the Youth Director.

  • | 9 months ago

    Exactly Mr. Museva!

    The communication department is not doing alot.

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