Love Others as You Love Yourself

Dear Lord,


There are times in life that I judge myself harshly and even find it difficult to forgive myself. A lack of forgiveness on my part, sometimes makes me go through anxiety and frustration. Although I may not always be able to view myself as good in front of the mirror, I know that in Your eyes, I am a different person, because You look at me with love, with forgiveness and compassion. Help me to find within, the forgiveness I need, and to accept that I am not a perfect being and that I have made mistakes. It is my deep desire not to make them again. You created me in Your image, and though I am different from others, I am special and unique. Help me to accept myself as I am, to recognize every day that in You I can be a better person, capable of receiving and giving love, forgiveness and compassion. In order to learn to love others, I must first accept myself as I am and love myself, because You loved me first.


“You are doing right if you obey this law… Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” James 2:8

by Ligyi Venegas Johnson