Government of Angola endorses SDA church to preach the gospel…


We have a great God and need to expect great things

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Angolan government recently closed down the work of almost 20 denominational churches because of poor crowd control at religious meetings, especially in stadia, which has cost many lives and left others injured earlier in the year. The Angolan government respects all religious organizations, but requires that these groups register with the government. Holding in his hand a document from the government of Angola, Dr Araujo has informed the group on Friday evening [as the sabbath drew near] that the city of Luanda has authorized and acknowledges that the Seventh-day Church shall continue with its initiative to conduct so many evangelistic meetings in Luanda which is part of the church’s intentional thrust of Urban Evangelism.

Ps Solomon Maphosa (Executive Secretary-SID) reminded the speakers there are thousands who are already on the verge of decision and we need to go in full force knowing that the Holy Spirit, who is going with us has already gone before us … preparing the minds and hearts of God’s people to receive the salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

SID CFO Elder Nthani clearly articulated the reason for the gathering of so many preachers in Angola: “We don’t have more time, the entire division is gathering in Angola for one purpose: to lead people to Jesus Christ. Like Jehoshaphat, our eyes are upon the Lord, as we use this special privilege to be part of such an initiative.”

SID President, Dr Paul Ratsara, in his introductory comments said: “We have never had such an experience where we move into a city, from all parts of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean region, to preach the gospel. Indeed, we need to bring Jesus in the city. The Lord is already at work, lay members and preachers have already preached in many small groups, giving many Bible studies already.” Preaching to the preachers from the book of Acts, Dr Ratsara entitled his message “… and they will listen” Acts 28:28. He encouraged the preachers to believe and in faith, preach to those whom the Holy Spirit is already preparing. “We are here to see God doing a great work of revival and reformation. All His biddings are enablings. The means and power to do the Lord’s work, He has already provided. We need to pray as Jesus prayed, have passion for souls, be filled with the Holy Spirit, believe in God’s supernatural intervention, live a sacrificially wholly to God.”

Ratsara concluded by pleading with the group of preachers. “Let us capture the Spirit of the Apostles, pioneers and remnant church” was his final word before the preachers rested for the evening, on the eve of the beginning of the evangelistic meetings.

“… We must imitate the faithfulness and zeal [of our pioneers] … and do as they would have done had they lived in our day” Testimonies, Vol. 1, p.262.

Luanda para Cristo

Dr Paul Charles
SID Communication – We Connect

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