Mission Statement ACMS

The mission of the Adventist Membership Systems department is to develop, implement, and support an effective Adventist church management software system that empowers local churches and enhances membership ministries


Is to enable local churches to serve members more efficiently and help leaders plan more strategically.

Main Goal

That all names be fully uploaded and that the official register of our Division be declared to be the Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) Register by Sabbath December 31, 2022 (to replace all data bases or hard copy registers).


When fully Operational the ACMS Will:

  1. 1. Keep our membership registers.


  1. 2. Help Transfer of names to be easier and more accurate online.
  1. 3. Help capture interests and visitors for the interest coordinator.
  1. 4. Help record absent/ Missing members.
  1. 5. Give statistics for planning for church leaders.
  1. 6. Generate all local church, conference, union, division, General Conference departmental reports.
  1. 7. Generate tithe and offering receipts for local churches and make it easier for the Conference, Union, Division and the General Conference to Collect, account and audit denominational finances.
  1. 8. Be able to generate maps as it captures GPS coordinates.
  1. 9. Help members interact with the church clerk and their pastor using a Membership Application (called 7me) already in operation.

10. For this system to succeed there is need for each of the following to collaborate and play their part faithfully: the church member, the local church clerk, the local church board, local church business meeting, the elders, the pastor, the conference, Union, and the Division.