Adventist Church Management System (Membership)

The Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) is an administrative system used by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s treasuries and school office. Its function is to facilitate the management and control of active and inactive members.


The system requires internet and allows the responsible to take actions such as inclusions and removals of members, transfers, tithes control and offers and instant statistical reports. The main benefits of a software such as ACMS are: global platform, to transfer an online member to any division in the world, real-time statistical reporting, control of all member-related actions and detailed history of each one and the possibility of choosing new officers for positions and departments.

For Further assistance with Registrations, please contact your Church clerk

Mission Statement ACMS

The mission of the Adventist Membership Systems department is to develop, implement, and support an effective Adventist church management software system that empowers local churches and enhances memb…

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