A Wonderful Creation

My Dear Child,


Close your eyes for a moment. That’s how the world looked like before Creation. Here are a few questions to answer as we learn together.


Did you know that the sun is a star? Did you know that the heart is the muscle of the body that works the most and never rests? Did you know that laughter increases blood circulation? Did you know that there are more than 200.000 different flowers? Did you know that the tallest tree measures around 115 meters? That’s like the sum of the height of 65 people. Can you imagine that? It is very high! Did you know that fire has no shadow? This is because fire has the ability to generate its own light, just as our God is also our source of light. There is much to learn about God’s beautiful creation! “When God created this world, He made everything beautiful.” Ecclesiastes 3:11


With love, Dad/Mom

By Ligyi V. Johnson