A Time for Everything

articles March 3, 2022

One day, without consent or knowledge, we are born, and yet, still never know when we will be taken to our earthly place of rest. One day we sow seeds and then another day we harvest. One day we destroy everything which is mundane or convenient, and another day we build and replace with what makes us grow. Today we cry, and tomorrow we laugh. Today we embrace and greet those we appreciate, but then we have to say goodbye. One day we gain and try, but another day we lose or give up.  One day we obtain and keep as much as we can, and suddenly, we discard the very things we accumulated.  One day we decide to split or tear and another day we must sew or mend. One day we are silent, but another day we are outspoken. It seems inconceivable, but one day we love and another day we are totally indifferent. One day we are at war; physical or emotional, but another day we seek peace…


… There is a time for everything on this earth.  Do the good and throw away the bad.

Ecclesiastes 3

by Ligyi Venegas-Johnson