A Small Boat

My Dear Child,


Boats, as we commonly name them, are crafts that can move across the water. As varied are their designs, shapes, and sizes, so are their uses. A small boat without a deck has some planks that serve as a seat for those who row and travel in it. Boats, among many other names, are also called a barque or canoe. The bow is the front, and the rear is called the stern. A small boat has a pole that holds the sails, which is called a mast. There can be one or more sails, which are made from very strong fabric that helps move the boat according to the force of the wind. Our life is like a boat out on the sea, we must invite Jesus to enter our boat so that we can navigate well and reach our destination safely.


“The disciples gladly received him in the boat, and in a moment, they came to the land where they were going. ” John 6:21

With much love,

By Ligyi Venegas-Johnson