A Place Beyond Your Dreams

My Dear Child,


Tell me something… do you like the home you live in? I am sure you do, I am also sure you sometimes wish for bigger and better. It is something most us have sometimes wish for. Can you imagine what it would be like to have our house of made out of pure gold, or how about having the furniture made from pure silver, the doors of pearl, with a sparkling pool that looks like diamonds, and the streets where you live also made from pure gold? Did you know that a place like that already exists? In fact it is more glorious, more splendid and more beautiful than our minds could ever imagine.


Today I would like to tell you that I know of Someone who already build this place. There is so much more about this place we can talk about.  The homes in this place won’t need to have to door locks, burglar bars for the windows to keep you safe, and guess what you will not have to go to bed to sleep. I know you don’t like that part sometimes. Well, I want you to know that there is a place we won’t need to do it anymore.


You have heard many stories about Jesus, and one day soon these stories will be more than real life, you will be able to speak to Jesus face to face and hear his voice as He speaks to you. It will be wonderful, you can ask Him all the questions you want and He will answer them. He is ready to answer all your  “But Why” questions. Oh Jesus loves you very much.


Can you imagine what it’s like to be able to fly? You won’t need a powerful engine like an aeroplane with large steel wings, or batteries like a toy. Oh no, the ability to fly will be even more than a reality. We will be able to know more about other planets, and stars and worlds and all the wonders God created in the vast universe. It will be a fantastic experience, no, more than fantastic. We can imagine many beautiful things from that place, but heaven will be even better than all that.


In that new country there will no longer be all the different families like we have around the world, we will be only one big happy family. Each day as you pray ask God to help you, to help your brothers or sisters, even your friends and to help us as a family to prepare to meet Jesus when He comes. If we are good, trust and obey God, we will soon be able to see Him and enjoy all eternity with Him. How wonderful that will be! Forever and ever… Forever is a long-long time, it has no end.


And remember what Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven”. Mathew 19:14.


With love, Dad/Mom

by Ligyi Johnson