A Letter for Sabbath at Home

My Dear Child:


Oh, how time flies! One more week has come and gone, the Sabbath has come, it is time to give thanks and adore the One who gave life to you. God has been most kind and generous, He has blessed your mother and father with a most precious and value gift to bring you into this world. Without giving a thought it seems that time has passed by unnoticed, oh so slowly, minute by minute. I cannot almost believe my eyes… just look at you now! You have grown so much and have filled our hearts and lives with happiness.


 Every Sabbath as we attend church we have learned of God and His love. We remember His creation, not just the animals and the plants, more importantly it means You! Me! All of Us! We were all made in His image and likeness. Just imagine we look just like Jesus, this means you are very, very special.


 We won’t be going to church today, the church had to be closed because there is much sickness everywhere. It won’t always be like this, soon we will go back to church to be with all our brothers and sisters again, to continue worshiping and praising our wonderful and merciful God. I want to tell you something very important. I want you to know that God´s presence is here, in this house, yes in our home. Jesus is your best friend, He listens with great joy to your songs, the Bible verses you learn every week. Also your poems, even when you read, yes, He also knows and understand your deepest thoughts. He wants you to be happy and when you obey, He sends you many blessings.


 For today, take time, but don’t be too long, dress yourself in something special and nice. The clothes you wear will reflect what you have inside your heart. It is important to show others that you love Jesus and that you want to have Him in your life. Although you cannot see Him, He is by your side… He smiles when you smile, and He gets excited when you sing, even though sometimes you may not know all the words or don’t know the proper tune. He hugs you when you cry, He send His angels to protect you all through the day and even while you sleep through the night.


Today is Sabbath, it is the day of the Lord, bring your Bible, bring your story book and let´s sit together for this time. We will read and learn of the many amazing things God has done. And you know what? What is best, He still does so many wonderful things.


Together we will praise and worship our precious God.


I love you my child, but God loves you even more.


by Ligyi Jonhson​